When Three Becomes Two

I follow Ashleigh’s Blog “When Three Becomes Two”. Ashleigh’s husband, a Marine, was killed in Afghanistan.

Ashleigh can’t go through this alone. She needs support. Read her thoughts and you’ll get a glimpse into the unimaginable pain endured when ‘Three Becomes Two’.

‘Tis the season

Some think I’m better, but I’m not. I’m completely broken. I smile on the outside to hide that I’m crying on the inside. The fairytale that I had is gone, and now like everyone says “I’m living their worst nightmare”. And can I say I hate hearing that? It just makes me feel even worse to know that no one wants any part of my life which is understandable since I don’t want it either, but I don’t need it vocalized. I’m not trying to be rude it just hurts.


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