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  • Too much thinking going on here. Overthinking really.

    Old Fart,
    and truly
    ” swift, silent and very deadly.”

  • Jay Mackie

    This is an interesting patch, however in typical nonthinking Marine fashion the creator of the patch seems to have been overzealous in their attempt to max out the cool factor by featuring apocalyptic sounding Latin words. I will give the designer some credit in that they managed find two words with the correct meanings, but they failed miserably–and if anyone reading the patch is even a bit curious and looks into the meaning of “mortalis”–the designer will have also failed foolishly. To explain; the words “Celer, Silens, Mortalis” are meant to mean “Swift, Silent, Deadly” (kinda like a good fart). However just as in English, in Latin, words that have to do with a certain subject, for example having to do with death, may not actually be the right fit for the intended message (Swift, Silent, Deadly). In this case Celer and Silens fit just fine because in Latin they actually mean Swift and Silent, however Mortalis in Latin is an adjective that describes something that is subject to death, destined to die, temporary or transient (see:, in short something that is eventually going to die. For example Mortalis would be used in the following way: That cancer patient is Mortalis (destined to die). While you have to love the Devil Dog’s motivation who designed this insignia, the use of “Mortalis” is a bit of a bad omen in that you have a bunch of grunts creeping through the woods with a patch on their sleeve that advertises that they are Swift, Silent, and Destined to Die (Mortalis). A better choice of apocalyptic and cool sounding Latin word to use instead of Mortalis would have been “Letalis” which is an adjective used to describe something that is “Deadly or Lethal”, i.e. Chuck Norris’s fists are Letalis (deadly). Hopefully now, all you aspirant patch designing warriors out there will heed this short lesson about looking into the details behind things and making sure you don’t commit the same error as Marine Corps Marvin did with this patch–that tells everyone the wearer of said patch has a limited time to live–and when you do set out to design your own sinister looking warrior garment accessories you will do a little homework lest you too look foolish on the battle field and laughed away by the Taliban who don’t waste time making patches, but rather bombs.

    • john platt

      What say Jay, so when were you in the Corps and with which unit did you serve.

      • Arnold Daniel

        Jay never answered, huh?

    • James

      Well these particular non thinking “Marine Marvins”, from 1st Recon Bn B company and Attached Force Recon platoon did in fact meet and commence (in their apparently Latin deficient way) in excess of 165 Taliban KIA, with the Battalion (Minus) killing over 300 in their 2010 deployment. This is with no friendly KIA, in Trek Nawa on a 33 day op 29 days were in direct fire engagements, and again in Sagin Valley, a Taliban strong hold. So patch aside, maybe they were too busy training to do their job rather than nit pick a patch that was created in the 1970s?
      They were in fact “Mortalis” in being prepared to give their life in the opportunity to also provide the same service to the Taliban. No they did not laugh at them, they called them “Black Diamonds” and “Sons of Satan” (confirmed by SIGINT traffic) So They were effectively “Letalis” regardless of the oh so egregious mistake.
      So this short lesson about sitting on the side lines and making snarky comments rather than fact checking yourself as well, as in confusing a Battalion Reconnaissance patch with a “grunt” unit. No not all Recon Marines were or are grunts or 03 MOS, and while many have that infantry background, reserve grunt as term of respect for their infantry brothers. Also case in point, Patches are not authorized for wear in combat or on uniforms with the exception of MSOB or Raiders. Yes enterprising Marines did sneak in moto patches and swag, but for the most part, went “slick” as they did not need a “sinister looking warrior garment” to Be effective. In addition you made no mention of “Velox”(Swift/Masculine)rather than “Celer” which can also mean rash, early or Lively. or if the word is Abstract noun, “Letale”
      Just some stupid Marvin grunt commenting.