USMC Button Insignia

The oldest military insignia in continuous use in the United States. It first appeared, as shown here, on Marine Corps buttons adopted in 1804. With the stars changed to five points, this device has continued on Marine Corps buttons to the present day.

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  • Leslie Buzan

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  • Wondering

    I was reading my grandfathers discharge papers. He was in during WWII. It says they gave him his HD and HS buttons….what are these

    • Honorable Discharge and Honorable Service (aka Ruptured Duck) lapel pins (WWII)

  • Latisha milner

    This is a beautiful button but does anyone know how much they are worth are were I might could find out I also have a lot of other old buttons I’d like to see what they r worth

  • brad becker

    ………………………………………….OK so the main change to the Marine Corps button was in 1808 when they went froma 6 pointed star to a five pointed star is that correct??? I have looked laong and hard on line. Every one talks about the history of the eagle , globe and anchor. Which ever private learns in boot camp. I did 20 years and I do not remember many questions or trivia taught abut the buttons which are beautiful in their own right.

  • Peter Palermo

    >A great example of a real piece of history.Like it.