• Coleen Trusley

    My father went through this and I know he had so many problems. He went to the dr and talked to him about it. He told me a few things about the war. He told me he dreamed every night about being caught by the Vietnamese and how they cut his hands off while trying to fight them off. He had 2 personalities. He is gone and I still miss him. It has been 13 years he has been gone.

  • Thank you Cpl Beddoe for increasing PTSD/ASD/TMI awareness. Our troops need to know that not all therapists are horrid, focused on only ‘feelings’ and wanted to discus your subconscious thoughts on a chasse lounge. Most of my private practice are Military personnel and some of their family members too. Allowing our soldiers to talk about their experience leads way to healing when the suicide rate is higher than ever before! Thank you for keeping the piblic aware of Military Personnel’s needs. Warmly, Joelle

  • Jim Moulton

    I would rather have Marines “freely” go in and ask for help regarding PTSD:,, than see one more Marine suffer through it alone or with the b ottle. Get help. Ask. You have paid a heavy price foe our Freedom. Please. You are the best that our republic has to offer the world. Semper Fi!


    1 in 8 at present have symptoms of PTSD as stated in this report seems out of whack high.Wonder what the ratio was in previous wars and conflicts? when I visit the VA hosp.several times a month I notice how many guy have claimed PTSD.I know in wars before it was not reported or diagnosed as much and I’m suspecting some are looking for a free ride. But GOD Bless, HONOR, and Treat the one that have to go through the repeated HELL of battle over and over.My heart go’s out to them. Semper Fi.