“OOH-RAH” is most popular spelling

In a month-long poll on USMC81.COM, over 1,100 voted for their preferred spelling of the USMC spirited battle cry. OOH-RAH was the favorite spelling with over 29% of the votes. Coming in a close second with 22% of the votes was OORAH. OOH-RAH! Carry on!

Give the 1stSgt a growl

“For the record, America’s 1stSgt hates Oorah! I can’t stand it for a number of reasons. Let me just reiterate if Oorah! had a mouth I would put my fist in it. Can I make it any clearer? Let me explain why.” Castra Praetoria: Ask America’s 1stSgt Edition # Does It Really Matter? http://www.usmc81.com