An Amazing Pool of Talent at an Employer’s Fingertips

In combat, a sniper’s goal is to become a needle in a haystack. Marksmanship is only a piece of the puzzle. Whether I was in the Sierra Nevada Mountains or the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, stealth was not just a tool — it was the objective. Before I became a Marine sniper, I spent – > Read More

Who is Dakota Meyer?

The Marine Corps’ recent Medal of Honor recipient has been cited for his humility throughout his time in the public spotlight. Dakota Meyer and his friends and family talk about what makes Dakota tick.

Cpl. Dakota Meyer – The Mission

The Afghan Rescue Mission Behind Today’s Medal of Honor Inside a village on the Pakistan border, America’s defining values were on display. By BING WEST President Obama will today award the Medal of Honor to Marine Cpl. Dakota Meyer. Image: In attendance will be a handful of soldiers and Marines who, one day in September – > Read More

Cpl. Dakota Meyer MOH

By Dan Lamothe – Staff writerPosted : Tuesday Jul 19, 2011 18:36:54 EDT Dakota Meyer, a former corporal, will be honored for his heroics in Ganjgal, Afghanistan, in September 2009 A Marine who repeatedly braved enemy fire in eastern Afghanistan attempting to find and save fellow members of his embedded training team will receive the – > Read More