UFC Fighters Train Like Elite Warriors

Watch the entire series! Good to go! Four UFC fighters traveled to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton to test themselves against a rapid-fire version of The Crucible. After 12 weeks of intense training, the United States Marine Corps puts recruits through the ultimate trial — The Crucible. For 54 straight hours, their endurance, teamwork, and – > Read More

Boot Camp Hindsight

Marines, What’s one thing you wish you would have known before arriving at MCRD boot camp or OCS? Post your response as a comment below. Semper Fidelis! Photo: http://www.life.com http://www.usmc81.com

Joining the Marines?

So, you’re thinking about joining the Marines, eh? Hopefully, my post here will give you some meaningful information or requirements that might help you to make that tough decision. Everybody that joins the Marines does so for their own reasons or have their own stories. Some join because their father or uncle were Marines or – > Read More