Marine Corps May Get a Cyber-Only MOS | Jan 12, 2017 | by Hope Hodge Seck

The top officer of the Marine Corps wanted to expand the service’s cyber community, and he’s looking at ways to make the job more appealing to qualified Marines.

Speaking at the Surface Navy Association’s annual symposium Thursday, Gen. Robert Neller said he is entertaining several options to recruit and retain a growing cyber force.

At Marine Forces Cyber Command, there are about 1,000 uniformed troops and civilians, he said, and most have military occupational specialties in signals intelligence, data, networks or cyber protection.

“There’s no cyber MOS,” he said. “How am I going to keep them? We spent a lot of money training these Marines.”


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Four Marines charged in boot camp abuse scandal

It’s a slippery slope..

PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. — The training of Marine recruits at Parris Island is supposed to be tough. But investigations have found it to be downright cruel. Drill instructors abusing, humiliating and hazing recruits — none of it permitted, according to Commanding Gen. Austin Renforth.

“You put your hands on a young man or woman you have crossed the line and we are not going to tolerate it,” Renforth said.

But investigations show that behavior was tolerated until last spring, when the abuses came to light.

An e-mail sent to the White House titled “Concerned Loved Ones of Innocent Recruits” described incidents of drill instructors withholding food, drinking on the job, calling recruits “terrorists” and “faggots,” and warning them that “snitches get stitches.”

The most notorious case, involving a Muslim recruit named Raheel Siddiqui who allegedly jumped to his death after being slapped and choked by a drill instructor, is still under investigation.

In an earlier incident that same drill instructor allegedly ordered another Muslim recruit into a clothes dryer.

Renforth was supposed to fix all that when he assumed command last June. He said that choking, slapping and name-calling are not acceptable.

“Any allegation of recruit abuses comes directly to me. That is something I implemented when I took over,” he said.

But since then, one recruit has been found dead in his bunk, the cause still unknown.

Another is in critical condition after jumping from a second floor landing.

Both cases are still under investigation.

The Marines have brought charges ranging from lying to cruelty and maltreatment against four Marine sergeants involved in the abuse scandal; All four are slated for courts martial. None of those charges involve Siddiqui’s death.

More charges ranging from assault to dereliction of duty are expected to be filed against both officers and drill instructors.

But Renforth says the training at Parris Island will remain as tough, though not as cruel, as ever.

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Former Marines Football Coach Donates Memorabilia To National Museum of the Marine Corps

Dumfries, Va. (June 2, 2016) – Former player and head coach of the Quantico Marines football team, LtCol Ron Eckert, USMC (Ret), presented Marine Corps sports memorabilia and artwork to the National Museum of the Marine Corps during a special ceremony on May 10. The donations included a football helmet, warm-up jersey, two signed footballs used during games, and a privately-commissioned painting entitled “Semper Fi on the Field.”

LtCol Eckert, a native of Rhode Island and National High School All-American and Little All-American with Upsala College in East Orange, N.J., played football for the Quantico Marines in 1963 and 1964. After serving two tours in Vietnam, LtCol Eckert returned to the football program as assistant coach, then head coach in the early 1970s. As head coach, he was known for making changes that reflected the program’s national prominence while maintaining strict adherence to the Marine Corps history and traditions.


“LtCol Eckert’s generous donation not only represents the glory days of the Marine Corps’ football program, but it reminds us of a time in our Marine Corps’ history that would be all but forgotten if it were not for individuals who recognized the importance of its preservation,” remarked LtGen Robert R. Blackman, Jr., USMC (Ret), President and CEO of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation. “The Foundation works to preserve and promulgate moments of Marine Corps history in time of both war and peace, and thanks to LtCol Eckert and Mr. Henry Friedman, we are able to continue doing just that.” LtCol Eckert and Mr. Friedman co-founded Impact Resources Technologies (IR Tech) in 1999.

The Quantico Marines participated in service football for over 53 years, which included all-Marine, inter-service and civilian collegiate competitions. After other service branches ended their football programs in 1970, the Marines were left to schedule games with mainstream civilian collegiate programs such as Penn State, Syracuse, and the University of Delaware before their discontinuation after the 1972 season. Their run included six inter-service championships, with nine undefeated seasons and 355 wins.

After the Marine Corps’ football program ended, LtCol Eckert began building a personal memorabilia collection representing the program’s significance. With continuing support from Mr. Friedman, he went on to commission two paintings, both funded by their company, entitled “Marine Corps Athletes of the ‘60s Who Served in Vietnam” and “Semper Fi on the Field.”

“Preserving this memorabilia was a way I could keep the program going long after it ended,” said LtCol Eckert. “It was a privilege to be part of this particular piece of history, and now I hope that with this donation others can be part of it as well.”

About the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation
Dedicated to the preservation and promulgation of Marine Corps history, the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation was established in 1979 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation supports the historical programs of the Marine Corps in ways not possible through government funds. The Foundation provides grants and scholarships for research and the renovation, restoration, and commissioning of historical Marine Corps artifacts and landmarks. Securing the necessary funding for the complete construction of the National Museum of the Marine Corps and Heritage Center, located in Triangle, Virginia, is the Foundation’s current primary mission while continuing to provide program support for the Corps’ historical, museum, and educational activities. For more information, visit

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Sgt Hutchins Case Far Beyond Absurd

On 2/13/14 Sgt Hutchins’ arraignment for unpremeditated murder charges of an “Unknown Iraqi Male” in Hamnadiya, Iraq in April 2006 took place at Camp Pendleton.

Marine Sgt. Larry Hutchins
Marine Sgt. Larry Hutchins
This is the third time around. Although his case has already been overturned twice (the second time by the highest court in the military justice system, The Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF), The Navy Department insists on trying Sgt Hutchins again. The fact that it is even possible to continue this constant barrage against Sgt Hutchins and his family boggles the mind. To attempt to explain how this is not double jeopardy to the average, reasonable American citizen, is far too complicated to address here. The simple fact of the matter is that the prosecution is, in fact under the military justice system, able to do it. And needless to say, they are pursuing this once again. In my personal opinion, this is so far beyond absurd, that I have no words to describe what they are doing. However, given my familiarity with the case, I know why they are doing it. And I will leave it at that.

So, all of this is taking place as this administration is not only freeing known terrorists who have killed Americans in combat, but they are also taking steps to allow these killers to emigrate to the United States! Yes, you read that correctly. If this is not complete insanity, I don’t know what is. The military judge’s instructions a few days ago were to have the trial begin in late August of this year. Between now and then, there are a couple of other legal hurdles that must be addressed to ensure that Sgt Hutchins receives impartial and fair representation by his assigned Marine Corps defense attorney, and that an impartial judge (who has not in some way already been influenced by this case that has dragged on now for seven years) will be presiding. An attempt has already been made to have the navy and army re-try this case. Both services have refused to touch it. There are others details that I could address at this point, but I think what has already been stated is sufficient for now. Know also that Sgt Hutchins has spent several years in the brig at Ft. Leavenworth, MCB Camp Pendleton and MCAS Miramar. Those closest to him on the staff at the Miramar brig nearly unanimously recommended parole and clemency for him every year that the issue was addressed, only to have the commanding officer of the brig in all but one case, forward his recommendation up the chain of command to the Secretary of the Navy recommending disapproval. We all know that this is not how the system works, there are obviously other factors at play here. Again, that is all I will say about it, but I am sure that you can see exactly what is happening, as can I. Sgt Hutchins is currently on active duty at Camp Pendleton (having been released this past July after CAAF’s decision… although there was a last minute attempt by the navy to keep him incarcerated indefinitely under their interpretation of the rules of pre-trial confinement). Were it not for the tremendous efforts of his appellate attorney, Major Babu Kaza and former Vietnam Marine, novelist and former Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration, the honorable Bing West, Sgt Hutchins would still be sitting behind bars today. You tell me how egregious this attempt by SecNav was!

Sgt Hutchins is a model Marine. To his credit, after the way that he has been treated by his own government, he still is one of the most squared away, gung ho Marines you will ever meet. His command thinks so highly of him that they have recently recommended him for the Navy Achievement Medal, as well as the Combat Action Ribbon (that he unbelievably never received).

This, again my opinion, is an absolute travesty. And for those unaware, Sgt Hutchins’ family and some others close to him have for some time now been on an Al Qaeda hit list. There is currently an individual who was living in Alaska (who converted to Islam, as well as his wife) who has been locked up by the FBI for approximately three years for making the above mentioned threats. He will most likely be released within the next few years.

THIS THIRD RE-TRIAL OF A MARINE WHO RISKED HIS LIFE IN IRAQ BY ORDER OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, AND IS NOW BEING PUT ON TRIAL ONCE AGAIN BY THIS SAME GOVERNMENT IS TOTAL CRAP…. AND THAT IS PUTTING IT MILDLY!! And he is not the only one. There are other military personnel locked up in Ft. Leavenworth for up to 40 years (that the public is unaware of) for similar situations that Sgt Hutchins was involved in during combat. At the heart of these injustices are the idiotic voluminous Rules of Engagement that our troops must abide by that puts them at great personal risk (the movie plot line of “ Lone Survivor” is another example of this)… and our enemies know these rules and use them against us. The enemy has no rules, they simply capture and behead our troops. THIS WHOLE THING STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!!!


Semper Fi,

Roger Herman.
Founder, Past President,
USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association

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V-22 Joins HMX

The first of up to 12 Bell-Boeing MV-22 Osprey tiltrotors are joining Marine Helicopter Squadron (HMX) 1, the unit tasked with transporting the President, other VIPs and their entourages. The Marine Corps was expected to take formal delivery of the first HMX-1 MV-22 last month. The MV-22s are replacing the CH-46E Sea Knights attached to the squadron and are being modified with upgraded communications equipment and seating. They are not expected to be used to transport the President. While they will be painted in HMX-1’s signature dark green, they will not have the white tops associated with the Sikorsky VH-3Ds and VH-60Ns used to fly the President. (source)


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CT Veteran ID Law

Hooray for Connecticut!


(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman today announced that military veterans can now apply to have their status marked on a Connecticut Driver’s License or state-issued ID. The Department of Motor Vehicles and AAA offices on January 2, 2013 will begin issuing drivers’ licenses and ID cards that will include the symbol of an American Flag to identify veteran status.

“We owe so much to the brave members of our Armed Forces,” said Governor Malloy. “This symbol on drivers’ licenses and ID cards is a small step we can take to make sure our veterans have a more convenient way to access the benefits and services they have earned.”

“Adding this symbol to state issued IDs is great way to make sure that veterans always have the documentation they need when they attempt to access different services,” said Lieutenant Governor Wyman. “Combined with the launch of our new website – – we are making it easier than ever for Veterans to received the benefits they are entitled to.”

“The veteran identifier on the CT driver’s license or state-issued ID card will help first responders, emergency rooms and healthcare providers to identify veterans that are eligible for programs and services from both the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the VA. We hope that veterans will see this as a symbol of our pride in them,” Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner Linda Schwartz said.

“DMV is extremely proud to offer this service and honor all those who have sacrificed so much to protect our country,” DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey said.

At least 30 days prior to visiting a DMV or AAA office, veterans must submit to the state Department of Veterans’ Affairs a completed application and proof of honorable discharge, such as a DD-214. The Department of Veterans Affairs will verify the veteran’s military status and electronically notify DMV of the request prior to the driver’s license or ID card being issued.

The application can be downloaded online at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs website by visiting and clicking the “Application for Veteran’s Flag” link. The flag symbol will be added to veteran’s license or ID card at no additional cost at renewal time or when it is first issued. Veterans can request a flag symbol by mailing an application and additional documentation to the state Department of Veterans’ Affairs at: CT DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS, ATTN: VETERAN’S FLAG ON DRIVER LICENSE OR ID CARD, 287 WEST ST., ROCKY HILL, CT 06067.

For more information on DMV services and office locations, please visit or

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The Corporal Hoffman Series – CHICAGO EVENT

[FHH] Presents: The Corporal Hoffman Series - CHICAGO EVENT

Join us on February 15th from 6-9:30pm at: SHRINE 47 East Oak Street Chicago, IL 60611 312-675-2105

Brief overview and highlight of a special [Fashion Has Heart] project – The Corporal Hoffman Series. Working with Cpl. Josh Hoffman, a marine who was paralyzed while serving in Iraq in 2007, [Fashion Has Heart] has been able to help Josh create his own unique designs that will be printed and manufactured through partnerships with MusicSkins, MMA Warehouse, and Ranger Up. Learn more about [Fashion Has Heart] and Josh’s story at: Video produced by SEI Studios http
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USMC EOD Explosion

Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii Explosive Ordnance Disposal team IEDs

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Gary Sinise plans benefit for wounded Marine

January 8, 2012 –

Actor Gary Sinise, who played a soldier in the movie “Forrest Gump” who loses his legs in Vietnam, plans a benefit concert to raise money to build a home in Temecula for a Marine from Camp Pendleton who lost his legs and right arm in Afghanistan.

Sinise, now starring in TV’s “CSI New York,” is set to address the Temecula City Council on Tuesday. The concert tentatively would be March 1 at Town Square Plaza and feature Sinise’s Lt. Dan Band, named for his character in “Forrest Gump.”

The Gary Sinise Foundation and the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation plan to build a specially equipped home for Marine Lance Cpl. Juan Dominguez, who was wounded in Sangin, Afghanistan, in October 2010.

Read the story here

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