• Cpl. Beddoe

    Good stuff Gunny! I was Tustin ADP but went to El Toro just about every time our CRPI broke down..
    Semper Fi!

  • Robert Smith, GySgt, USMC (ret.

    I don’t recognize anything beyond the front gate. With the exception of 13 months spent on Okinawa, I was stationed at El Toro from mid-73 until mid-79. I started off at MAG-11 Group Supply, ADP Section; moved on to set-up the ADP Section at MAG-13 Group Supply; and, then moved on to set-up the MWSG-37 Group Supply ADP shop. After coming back from Okinawa, I went back to MWSG-37, and when they shut down went back to MAG-11. Almost everything is gone.