• donald oshea

    To: Craig B. Smith


    I am having a hard time reading your Counting the Days. Has there ever been a US war where American POWs were ever treated humanly? It angers me that our Government treats enemy POWs better than our own people, even better than our prison convicts.

    My Father was a Marine who fought in the Pacific during WWII. After the Guadalcanal campaign he was sent back to the US for burn treatment. After he recovered he was sent to Arizona as a guard at a German SS POW camp. He and twelve other Marines had to guard over 50 German POWs 24/7 who were captured in North Africa. At the camp the German ate better than US civilians who were being rationed. The Germans had coffee, sugar, butter, eggs, meat every day while my mother pregnant we me was on rations and never saw an egg during the war.

    Our Government knew how the Japanese were treating our POWs in the Philippines and knew how they were treating Allied POWs so why was this ignored. The War Criminals were not even brought to justice after the war. Why. Why does our government even today allow the inhuman treatment of our captured soldiers?