Aerial Combat Footage from Afghanistan!

U.S. Army Apache!!

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  • Don

    Great job! However, just like in Vietnam, we have to have permission to fire at obvious enemies. No wonder these wars linger so long. Just do the job and get out. Party over.

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  • Greg Sims

    Asa VietNam vet,I am all for FREE FIRE ZONES. The ROE are too restrictive, which is one important reason, why we can not win this war. If we were this concerned over civiians, during WW2, we would not have won nor ended the war as quickly as we did.

  • Anonymous

    Politicians sitting at comfy desks should not be directing battles at the front. To inspire your men you must lead from the front. Get the yellow bellies off their asses and into the shit!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rock Hilton
    US Army, Vietnam era veteran

  • robg8r

    Hooah! Nicely done!

  • Anonymous

    >Nothing seems to change when civilians & politicians run a war. During Vietnam all commanders had to read a mandatory order from Westmoreland to 100% of troops-You will not return fire without permission of USARV Hq. After reading the order I gave my order-If fired upon kill the SOB! Vietnam's value was less than one American life. Same goes for Iraq, Iran,Afganistan. We need to get back to "kick ass,take name, and come home! Company commander 1967-68 retired 1988.

  • Dennis Twohy 8yrs. USAF

    >I knew that this was happening. It reminds me of Vietnam days. Geese nothing has changed. You would have thought our government would have learned. Why not give the enemy a national Muslm 30 day time out so they can regroupe,rearm and get better weapons just like we did in Vietnam. Oh yes I remember the Red River Valley. The enemy kills so much better when regrouped,rested and modernized.D. Twohy USAF

  • Anonymous

    >Thank You American Military – the most professional and noble organization in the world !!

    Couple notes though – it sounds like they had to get approval to engage on every burst of fire. That would give the enemy more time to counter or to flee. The publicizing of this tactic (to reduce civilian causalities) will allow the enemy to quickly change tactics and use the protection of civilians so they can more easily move around. Why should we tell them how we fight our battles?

    Brian, USAF 1977-2000

    • Davyd

      Right on. Same should have happened at the start of the First Iraq action.

  • Anonymous

    >Nice… only one problem that I have… the bullshit 10min wait to engage.. by that time they could have made it to a house then what… oh we cant shoot now…. ROE has to change…


  • Anonymous

    >I thought they would walk to freedom before we engaged them.
    This is a war why do we wait so looooong to kill them????

  • Anonymous

    >if they are a raghead pop their ass. if you pop enough there will a thinning of the herd and dont worry with the little stuff

  • Ken J

    >Another Great Job by our Troops. If you don't support them, feel free to stand in front of them.
    Semper Fi
    Ken J

  • Anonymous

    >Nothing better than watching Uncle Sam open a can of whoop a$$!! Way to go boys….

  • Anonymous

    >Great job guys! Thank you for keeping our country and families safe! God Bless America!!

  • Anonymous

    >10 minutes delay … what did they have to do call Pelosi or Biden or maybe the Commander in Chief for his personal approval..10 minutes is horendous in situations like this and can get OUR GUYS killed… Washington needs to stay the heck out and let the men do the work …and by the way whay doesn't someone have the XXXXs to stop forcing the troops to wear the approved body armor and allow them to wear what works in the field..

  • orville clift

    >Good job. If we don't fight 'em over there, we'll have to fight 'em over here. Good huntin', stay safe and come home.

  • Anonymous

    >Good job boys god bless America

  • Anonymous

    >Well done, and thank you –

  • Barry

    >Get the "f'n" outa town. That's how you do it brother….

    Now they can go meet their 72 Virginians in the after life… like George Washington, Patrick Henry, James Madison, John Randolph, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson and 66 other people who have the same love for liberty and America and who are waiting to kick their A$$ all over again.

  • WestFamilyBlog

    >This P C war is absolutely insane. Simper fi to our marines, army, navy, air force, national guard, coast guard who put their lives at risk for our country. We don't deserve such heroism, such self sacrifice. You are all MOST HONORABLE.
    You will always be our heroes. God keep our nation safe from these idiots in Washington DC.

  • Anonymous

    >I can tell that my son has been to Aphghanistan x 2 now and he says the rules of engagement are a bunch of horse shit, (thats as nice as I can put it). And by the way, as a supporter of the troops and the military in general , I now say, we need to get out NOW. This is going no where. And we are staying now for the politicians to recoup any personal ill gotten gain, and for purposes of reelecting themselves. Thats how I see it. So lets GET THE HELL OUT.

  • Anonymous

    >GOOD JOB!! Just a shame they had to wait that long.

  • Anonymous

    >Darin Lewis McChesney said….
    The job you young men and women are involved in, is one that will structure you as human beings in the future ,not mentioning your keeping of us safe from an enemy,that has 0 regard for life,and is not educated with any beliefs as us,however understands how to be hateful.Use this to your advantage, in a situation like this,do not let them think we are weak with democracey,but after you head but them with your rifle,ask them if if it hurts.

  • Reddi K.W

    >Good job, "jar heads". My thought is those "towel heads" have been fighting each other for hundreds of years. BRING OUR TROOPS HOME AND LET THEM FIGHT EACH OTHER. Not 100000 of them is worth one Marine, and they are killing 100 + a week. Let's get out of there.

  • Anonymous

    >Just wondering how long does the Taliban fighters have to wait before firing?

  • John

    >It is not the troops in battle that need permission to do that for which they have been trained and are the best in the world, but it is the idiots and A-hoes in washington that need to get our permission to do that which they have wrongly done without our consent for the last two years.

  • Anonymous

    >AMEN, Edward, you said it for me. May God bless you and all the troops putting their lives on the line to keep America safe.

    From Comfort, Texas, USA

  • Edward J. Palumbo

    >A new generation of troops is doing an extraordinary job under the most difficult of circumstances. I follow their progress with admiration and an abiding pride in the Corps.
    Edward J. Palumbo
    1st MarDiv – RVN

  • Anonymous

    >God bless your troops.
    Shoot every Taliban and muslim you can put your sights on!
    Scum buckets of the earth.

  • Anonymous




  • Anonymous

    >There may be some lessons we can learn from the Isreali's. I feel that while civilian casualties should be avoided if possible, we can go to war and try to kill people NICELY!!

    It's War! Them or US! Ultimately FEAR is the equalizier or qualifier for wins and losses. If I now afraid of you enough to stop the nonsense that I am doing, then You Win!