About Cpl. Beddoe

W Beddoe, Platoon 3042, Graduated MCRDSD Aug 28, 1981
W. Beddoe MCRDSD 1981
Cpl. Beddoe, USMC 1981-1985
Proud Texan. Marine.

This blog is dedicated to my Dad’s 1st cousin PFC Paul Beddoe, 3rd Recon, killed in action in Vietnam [Panel 35E, Row 2].

Please read his story. As long as the fallen are remembered, they will never be forgotten.

You can find me on Twitter @txdevildog. I’m also one of two admins for the @since1775 as well as the admin for the USMC/Combat Helicopter & Tiltrotor Association @popasmoke. I can also be reached by email at admin@txdevildog.com

Cpl Beddoe with Gen. "Mad Dog" Mattis
Cpl Beddoe with Gen. “Mad Dog” Mattis, 2015
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2012/10/01 20:47

Hi, something you posted on twitter brought me to ur site. I have only read the about me entry. Thank you for keeping it real.

Jackie Epperson
Jackie Epperson
2011/12/27 06:37

Dear Marine, just wanted to say I follow ya on twitter I’m @Life_In_Jordan. I really like this blog and I do appreciate you doing this for us. I been our lince 1997 and I did my boot in PLT 4026 PCO MCRD PISC. Im married to my (Jordanian Special Forces) best friend and husband, Fouad. How we met is a long story. We are very different culture wise but we love each other. I have a daughter who is 7 months old. I was born and raised in South East Colorado near a small town called Simla (population a two horses and a haystack ). miss home, miss those ole country songs dad used to play. Well just thought I’d introduce myself. Semper Fidelis, and God Bless

Mark Cummuta
Mark Cummuta
2011/12/27 06:16

Semper Fi, Devil Dog! I follow you on Twitter, as well