Military Service Provides Solid Career Foundation

The lessons you learn in the military don’t stop being relevant when you leave the service. To my fellow patriots contemplating a changeover from military life to the civilian world and to the many veterans struggling to compete in the competitive workplace, I offer the following from my personal experience. Your military service provided you – > Read More


The philosopher Plato once said “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” I think to understand respect is to appreciate these powerful words of Plato. Respect is an important ingredient in the definition of one’s character. Together with traits such as courage, forgiveness, compassion, cooperation, and empathy, our character defines who – > Read More

Mock Prison Riot in Iraq

From my cousin, a civilian contractor, working with the military in Iraq. Now, don’t get me wrong, we Marines love our Sister branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, but the rivalry is strong..~Wally ====Wally here is an incident that I saw it’s a funny story concerning the Marines and Air Force. I had received a – > Read More

Avatar: This Marine’s Review

Sitting in the stadium-seating theater this evening, wearing my 3-D glasses, my son Jake and I anxiously waited for the opening scene of Avatar. We heard the reviews and we knew the graphics and special effects were going to be awesome! James Cameron made us feel like the big screen was a portal into another – > Read More

Women in Combat?

In my philosophy class, the discussion of women in combat is on the agenda this week. So many people believe that if a woman wants to serve on the front lines, in a combat situation, why not? Women serve proudly and honorably in many disciplines in all branches of the Armed Forces today, but not – > Read More

Cpl. Jason Dunham is my Hero

The first Marine to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War, in 2004 Cpl. Jason Dunham threw himself on a grenade in Iraq and sacrificed his life to protect his brother Marines. I did not know Jason but I know what he represented, the type of character he had, and the – > Read More