Cpl. Kyle Carpenter relives his journey

Cpl. Kyle Carpenter relives his journey to the Medal of Honor through letters to his mother. From recruit training to a phone call from the president, Carpenter talks about his recovery after being wounded in Afghanistan and the strength he’s drawn from his family.

Who is Dakota Meyer?

The Marine Corps’ recent Medal of Honor recipient has been cited for his humility throughout his time in the public spotlight. Dakota Meyer and his friends and family talk about what makes Dakota tick.

CASEVAC Corpsman Shannon Dittlinger

Bruce Williams-Burden, former Navy Corpsman (RVN), wrote a book earlier this year year titled “Luminous Base”. The book is a well-researched collection of respectful and caring stories of Corpsmen killed in action. In April, I posted a review of the book here on my blog. With Bruce’s permission, I am posting a chapter from his – > Read More

Interview with Cpl. Beddoe

In June 2009, I was interviewed by milblogger Hope Radio: How long have you been blogging? I started my personal USMC81 blog site toward the end of 2006. In 1997 I started a website for the USMC Combat Helicopter Association (popasmoke.com) where for the past 12 years, have been bringing Marines, who served with each – > Read More

Cpl. Gary Miller and Toy for Tots

An incredible Toys for Tots story from the childhood and life of my good friend Cpl. Gary Miller.  http://www.usmc81.com

Recons May Be Tough, But Only Wimps Wear Parachutes!

This is a true story of John “ACE” Hunt – A Marine crew chief that fell 800 feet from his CH-46 helicopter in Vietnam, and survived. Marion Sturkey (HMM-265), a CH-46 pilot from the same squadron as John, interviewed John ten years ago. I did a follow-up interview with John on September 2, 2008. Both – > Read More